Leadership and Managment Skills Training

Our leadership programmes combine executive coaching with skills training. You also get to supervise a project in a charity.

If you are part of a high-performing organisation, then you will have a leadership programme in place that offers development opportunities for your future leaders and rising stars. You’ve probably got a talent management strategy. You might be reviewing your leadership development policy. If so, then we can ensure that you take your programmes to the next level.


We can help you to provide a leadership programme that your best supervisors, managers and directors will want to be involved with.
Leadership training London
  This programme will develop:
  • Communication skills
• Coaching & mentoring skills
• Problem solving skills
• Project management skills
• Networking skills
Management Skills Training London
We have combined skills training with volunteering for a charity. Staff volunteer their time and expertise, while developing essential management skills. As with most training courses we ensure that it won’t distract them from their full-time job. Conventional management training usually includes role play and scenarios.We have taken it to the next level by ensuring that participants experience the real thing.


Unlike some skills-share programmes, it’s not just about helping others. Our clients work with a personal performance/skills coach to help them develop the management skills that they require to perform at the highest level possible. You have the choice of working with one of our charity partners or a charity of your choice.The time spent on each project varies but could be as little as 5 or 6 hours each week. This depends on the scale and nature of the project. It’s a flexible programme, tailored to your needs. For example, like American Express and John Lewis, you may offer your staff the opportunity to work for a charity full time over six months. Or you may only be able to release staff from their duties for half a day each week. You may prefer them to complete the training and the project in one or two weeks.


You may have only just started thinking about how to combine corporate responsibility with training. Whatever your situation, it’s all possible and we are here to help you get the most out of your talent programmes and your organisation’s relationship with the community. Call us to set up a meeting and we’ll be delighted to present our case studies and tell you more about how this can benefit your staff and your business.