Personalised Selection and Assessment Events

Our selection and assessment events are extraordinary occasions. Or so those who have experienced them say…

I can honestly say that was the BEST interview I have ever attended – in fact it kind of feels like I spent the afternoon with a group of friends, not in a job selection event at all!

I would like to share with you that it was so refreshing and reassuring to experience a recruitment and selection process done so professionally and thoughtfully. It isn’t often that one comes away from a selection event having learnt so much, or feeling relaxed rather than grilled.

I had a fantastic day. It’s the best assessment I’ve ever had. It gives a great impression and has set a positive expectation from the employer. 

Candidates like our events because we create an environment in which they feel relaxed. This gives them the opportunity to behave naturally and to shine. Everyone who has attended one of our events says they have learnt something new. This is at the heart of Really Responsible Recruitment and Assessment. We believe that everyone should take something positive from these – all too often, stressful – situations.

We work with Chief Executives, HR Managers and Training Managers who appreciate not having to organise these events themselves. They also trust us to find people who are a great fit for their organisation.

We take care of every aspect of the recruitment process so that you are free to get on with other aspects of your job. We are able to provide you with a professional, bespoke application pack. This typically includes an overview of the company and/or department; job description; job specification and an application form. From placing the job advert to meeting people at the selection event our aim is to show the company in the best possible light and put candidates at ease.

Whether it’s an internal assessment event or recruitment process, we are able to assess your candidates’ abilities in specific behaviours that you believe to be key to your organisation’s success. While we’re happy to use psychometric tests and score candidates against competency frameworks, it’s not all paperwork. We use MTa Select to assess problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills. Candidates love these tasks. Without fail, they tell us that they learnt something new about themselves. Tasks are designed to stretch candidates but are always relevant to the role for which we are assessing suitability.

Give us the opportunity to manage your event from beginning to end. We guarantee to meet your expectations – or we won’t charge you.

If you need an event to assess the following skills, we can help.

  • Leadership  
  • Managing Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Influencing 


Assessment events

Typical assessment report.